KASTEL Security Research Labs (SRL) bundles IT security organized in research groups and labs at the Karlsruhe research location. Our aim is to develop a powerful approach instead of isolated partial solutions. The main focus is on overall security in specific areas of application, such as power grids, intelligent mobility, or smart factories.

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    189 Members and Fellows

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    15 Nationalities

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    27 Labs

As a national Competence Center for IT Security, KASTEL Security Research Labs aims to develop methods and concepts for secure IT systems of the future. In this we rely on the expertise of numerous scientists, our fellows and members listed below.

Brief History

Symbolized by the Castel del Monte in Puglia, KASTEL was established as a national Competence Center for IT security by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Since January 1, 2021, KASTEL was renamed into the KASTEL Security Research Labs, and receives permanent funding through the Helmholtz Association.

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    Since 2011

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    14 Millions Euro Funding

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    Funded by BMBF, MWK through the Helmholtz Association


Human-Centered IT Security IT Security Privacy

Intersection of security, privacy and human-computer interaction

IoT Security Network Security

Network security, IoT security, law

Dependability Verification

Formal, logic-based methods for the specification and verification of software

Human-Centered IT Security Production Security Robotics

Automatic visual inspection and image exploitation, Signal and information processing, anthropomatics, robotics

Energy Systems Security

Security and privacy of future energy systems

Decentralized Systems Network Services

Decentralized systems and network services

Modeling Software Engineering

Modeling for continuous software engineering

Privacy Societal Security Usable Security

Design and Evaluation of End-User Viable Information Security and Privacy Solutions

Dependability Software Engineering

Dependability of Software-intensive Systems

Cryptography Quantification

Secure cloud computing, secure multi-party computing, security definitions and models, and hardware trust anchors.

Cyber Physical Systems

Logical foundations for cyber-physical systems and practical theorem proving tools

Legal Informatics

Legal informatics and IT security

Dependability Software Engineering

Dependability of software-intensive systems

Cryptography Privacy

Cryptographic Protocols for Privacy, Accountability and Transparency

Mobility Systems Security Software Engineering

Test, analysis and validation of software-intenstive systems, autonomous mobility

Applied Informatics Privacy

Digital Privacy, Designing Processes for Digital Privacy

Legal Informatics

Legal Informatics
Law of Digitization

IT Security Privacy

Technical data protection, network and IT security

Privacy Trustworthy Internet Technologies

Critical information infrastructures

Privacy Societal Security Usable Security

Usable security, privacy, society, secure communication

Economic Security Process Security

Innovation and risk management

Machine Learning System Security

Intersection of machine learning and computer security

Communication Security Network Security

Multimedia communication systems, mobile and ubiquituous computing, ambient technologies and wireless sensor networks

Machine Learning

Autonomous service robots, autonomous vehicles or assistance systems with cognitive capabilities

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Laurence Böhnke

Research Group for Logic of Autonomous Dynamical Systems Team Assistant

Nikolas Boltz

Research Group for Dependability of Software-intensive Systems Researcher

Anne Borcherding

Research Group for Interactive Realtime Systems Researcher

Matthias Börsig

Competence Center for IT Security Researcher

Dr. Erik Burger

Research Group for Dependability of Software-intensive Systems Researcher

Sine Canbolat

Security Lab for Energy Systems Researcher

Gabriela Ciolacu

Research Group for Critical Information Infrastructures Researcher

Christoph Coijanovic

Research Group for Privacy and Security Researcher

Sophie Corallo

Research Group for Secure Computation and Communication Research Group Modelling for Continuous Software Engineering Security Lab for Energy Systems Researcher

Paul Dieler

Research Group for Law of Digitization (Associated Chair) Researcher

Felix Dörre

Research Group for Cryptography and Security Researcher

Julian Drechsler

Research Group for Human and Societal Factors Research Group for Law of Digitization (Associated Chair) Researcher