Knowledge Transfer

We aim to not only generate knowledge, but also to transfer it. To accomplish this, KASTEL Security Research Labs offers several programs to educate professionals, citizens, and students about advances and best practices in IT security.

  • 01 StartUpSecure KASTEL

    StartUpSecure KASTEL is the KIT incubator for start-ups in the field of IT security with regional and international reach.

    Start-ups in various IT-Security fields, like secure industrial solutions, AI systems, privacy, IoT, and secure applications for critical infrastructure, receive support in every phase of their development. This support embraces funding, technology checks, networking, business development courses and events, and community management.

    StartUpSecure KASTEL
  • 02 Cyber Security Training Lab

    The Cybersecurity Training Lab of Fraunhofer Academy is a cooperation between Fraunhofer and selected universities of applied sciences.

    Specialists and managers from industry and public administration receive a compact qualification in high-quality laboratories with up-to-date IT infrastructure.

    Cyber Security Training Lab
  • 03 Kryptologikum

    The Kryptologikum is a collection of cryptographic exhibits mainly targeted at students and all those who are interested in cryptographic principles.

  • 04 Hector School

    The HECTOR School has successfully offered part-time Master of Science Programs in close cooperation with companies since 2005.

    Hector School

KIT and KASTEL Security Research Labs offer students the possibility to become well-rounded IT security experts to improve their career prospects both in academia and industry.

  • 05 Master IT Security

    The IT security study profile focuses on cryptographic processes and, above all, on their use in complex IT systems.

    Security plays a central role here, but also legal aspects such as data protection, privacy, and the needs and limits of state surveillance when using security systems.

    Master IT Security
  • 06 KASTEL Certificate

    In addition to a wide range of computer science studies at KIT, KASTEL offers students a special certificate for IT security.

    The certificate reflects the special qualification and is of great interest for potential employers.

    KASTEL Certificate
  • 07 Graduate School

    The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security gives doctoral researchers access to high-quality technical, scientific, and interdisciplinary training and exciting community events.

    With a strong interdisciplinary focus, the Graduate School brings together the different security disciplines and application domains at KIT.

    Graduate School