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Past Events


Asiacrypt 2023, December 4-8

At the Asiacrypt two papers of KASTEL SRL were accepted. “Practically Efficient Private Set Intersection From Trusted Hardware with Side-Channels” Felix Dörre, Jeremias Mechler, Jörn Müller-Quade   “Universally Composable Auditable Surveillance” Valerie Fetzer, Michael Klooß, Jörn Müller-Quade, Markus Raiber, Andy Rupp

Guangzhou, China


Privacy Challenges in the Era of Deep Learning: Risks and Challenges

Talk by Dr. Mohamed Maouche, INRIA/PRIVATICS (Lyon): In this talk, we examine the diverse array of privacy risks inherent in this data pipeline and present a range of proposed solutions. These solutions are presented through practical use cases, such as speech anonymization within Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems and decentralized collaborative filtering for recommender systems. Additionally, we delve into the distinctions between one-to-one anonymization techniques and synthetic data generation methods.  

Karlsruhe, KIT Campus South Bld. 50.34, R 301


Distinguished Lecture with Martin Kleppmann (TU Munich)

Byzantine Fault Tolerance for Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Software: When developing web applications, the number one security rule is that the server should never trust anything it receives from clients. When developing peer-to-peer software, the equivalent rule is that a peer should never trust anything it receives from other peers. Unfortunately, many researchers working on peer-to-peer applications seem to have forgotten this rule. There have been efforts to build, for example, P2P equivalents of Google Docs, but they mostly assume trusted peers that correctly follow the protocol. A malicious peer can easily cause permanent inconsistencies in a document. This talk will introduce our work-in-progress research on making collaboration software robust against malicious (Byzantine) peers. Hint: there are no consensus algorithms and no blockchains involved! More Information.    

4 pm, Tulla Hörsaal (Campus South, Building 11.40), Online Access via Zoom: Code 206519


Computer Science Day

On Friday, July 28 the KIT faculty will traditionally say goodbye to all graduates of the bachelor’s and master’s programs in computer science, computer science teaching, business informatics, and information management as well as to the doctoral students.

KIT, Campus Süd Geb. 30.95, Audimax Straße Am Forum 1 76131 Karlsruhe


KASTEL SRL at KIT Open House

On June 17, the KIT Open House will take place at the Campus North. Interested citizens will have the opportunity there to inform themselves about KASTEL SRL research in IT Security.


Community Congress by Startupsecure

At the TRIANGEL Open Space at Kronenplatz, everything will revolve around the topic of Critical Infrastructure & Cyber Security on May 11, 2023. On this day, the regional cyber security community will come together to exchange ideas in person and to explore the entire range of topics. In addition, we will present our incubator StartUpSecure KASTEL. An exciting day program with presentations, panel discussion and an interactive poster session will round off the congress. The participants are yet to be announced.

TRIANGEL Open Space am Kronenplatz


National Conference IT Security Research 2023 – Strengthening the Digitally Networked Society

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is organizing the National Conference on IT Security Research 2023 from March 13 to 15, 2023. The conference’s main topic is “Strengthening the digitally networked society” and serves as a platform for exchange on the entire range of research in the field of IT security. Prof. Thorsten Strufe from KASTEL SRL will give a presentation on the international project PROPOLIS on March 15.


Distinguished Lecture of Prof. Dennis Hofheinz

Prof. Dennis Hofheinz will talk about his personal perspective on cryptography at 4 pm.

KIT Campus South, Bld. 50.34