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Helmholtz Brussels visits KASTEL Security Research Labs


On February 29, Mr. Ioannis Legouras, Head of the Helmholtz Office in Brussels, visited KASTEL Security Research Labs. The office supports the intensification and expansion of networks and research cooperation in Europe and beyond.

Mr. Legouras was able to get an insight into a cryptographic method that enables privacy-preserving computations on private data. What is new about the method is the use of trusted hardware without having to fully trust the hardware itself. The new approach, which was presented at ASIACRYPT 2023, has applications in healthcare and represents a first cooperation with the KIT HealthTech center founded last year


The guests were also shown a demonstrator on privacy risks in smart cities. The demonstrator includes a variety of new sensor types such as depth cameras, thermal cameras, LiDAR, radar and WiFi that will potentially be used in future smart cities. As these technologies capture biometric data such as face images and gait sequences, the risk of sensitive privacy inferences, for example identification, arises. The demonstrator enables an investigation into these risks and the development of mitigation strategies.


Mr. Legouras’ interest in KASTEL Security Research Labs’ research was reflected in the numerous questions and the lively discussion.

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