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Partner in the New Project "Universitäres Telemedizinnetzwerk"


The Chair of Privacy and Security is a new partner in the "Universitäres Telemedizinnetzwerk" (university telemedicine network).

Together with the German university hospitals and the Dresden Institute for Data Protection project. (DID), a unified network is to be developed for better communication between clinics and the improved exchange of research data. The project focuses on COVID-19 and Long COVID data, but should also enable rapid collaboration for future crises.

Prof. Thorsten Strufe from KASTEL Security Research Labs at KITexplains the specific challenge in this area: “Since we are in the medical field, we are automatically dealing with very sensitive data. Here, we have to be particularly careful in our approach, as patients may be identified and very private information about them may be disclosed. So my group and I are looking at how we can protect the data during the merge and how it can be processed in the respective hospitals.”

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