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Prof. Lam Kwok Yan visited KASTEL Security Research Labs


On March 6, Prof. Lam Kwok Yan, Director of the Digital Trust Center (DTC) in Singapore and Vice President of Nanyang University Singapore, visited KASTEL Security Research Labs, the competence center for IT security at KIT in Karlsruhe.

Digital Trust Center in Singapore is a national research center that promotes trustworthy digital technologies and thus strengthens Singapore’s status as a center of the digital economy. The aim is to create a secure digital environment for businesses and individuals to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by digital transformation.

Prof. Lam first visited the SECUSO and Human and Societal Factors research groups at the KASTEL Security Research Labs. Here he was shown various topics such as phishing awareness and authentication with Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality. These included an interactive table with a digital form of the NoPhish Card Game, the Phishing Master Shooting Game and a station with devices for authentication using the Passglobe Graphical Password System.

Prof. Lam then visited the research group for practical IT security. Here, he used a demonstrator to find out about the data protection risks in smart cities. Many of the new technologies shown, which could potentially be used in the smart cities of the future, record biometric data such as facial images or gait sequences. This entails the risk of sensitive conclusions being drawn about privacy, for example in the case of identification. The demonstrator makes it possible to investigate these risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Prof. Lam honored the interdisciplinary research of KASTEL Security Research Labs and its practical application in business and society.

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